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Bylo: A New Kind of Wallet

Coming Soon
Bylo is currently in development in its MVP phase. Once the MVP is finished, a new whitepaper will be available with a product roadmap to provide timelines for its launch and features.

The development team behind the $ABI token is working on a new caliber of cryptocurrency hot wallet. The wallet, named Bylo, will equip crypto traders with advanced tools to execute trades at their own level of risk comfort. Bylo will reduce the limitations on transaction variables imposed by current mainstream wallets, while increasing transaction speed on the Ethereum blockchain network. $ABI is an access and fundraising token for Bylo.

Holding a small amount of $ABI ($100 worth) will grant traders access to the Bylo hot wallet mobile app. Using this app to make trades in the crypto market will secure you better positions and larger yields on your transactions.

Features Include…

Mobile First

Bylo is a mobile-first app for the on-the-go trader. Use it anywhere you are to swiftly act on token launches or market volatility.

Slippage Control

Experience full control of your slippage (up to 100%) to ensure that you can mark your position regardless of volatility.

Preset Gwei

Never fall victim to hanging transactions or short gas again. Bylo will allow you to set your gwei before you submit your txns.

Skip Approvals

Bylo will make direct router connections, meaning you won’t need to provide further approval after submitting your transactions. Don’t let fat thumbs kill your vibe.

Direct Access

Direct router connections bypass additional smart contract routers, providing immediate connection to DeFi exchanges. Interact with the Ethereum network like a seasoned developer.

High Speed Nodes

$ABI provides private nodes on the Ethereum network that can be used exclusively by Bylo users to push transactions. This further reduces latency, increasing time to market.

$ABI Tokenomics

Optimized for Passive Income

For every interaction with the $ABI contract, 12% of the total transaction value will be redistributed back to $ABI holders based on their ownership proportion of the total supply. $ABI token holders can withdraw their rewards in ETH at any time as they accrue. Earn passive income from regular $ABI trading volume, without staking or locking up your funds for a time period. Buy $ABI, promote it, and watch your wallet grow. Keep your holdings to use the Bylo app to make expedited trades on the Ethereum network.

ApeBullInu tokenomics
* Rewards accrue on all buys and sells, but only distribute to the pool on sells; they do not distribute on both txn types. Small amounts of rewards are stored on the contract until a sell happens, at which time they are moved to the pool for distribution.

Withdraw ETH Rewards

How to Buy

Get started with $ABI in a few easy steps.

Step 1: ETH-Ready Wallet

Grab your mobile device with a hot wallet. Make sure you have some Ethereum on it. If you do, move on to Step 2.

If you need to purchase Ethereum, you can do so on any major centralized exchange (CEX). Here’s a few options to get you started:

Crypto.com Coinbase Binance Voyager Kraken Gemini

If you are just purchasing ETH through a CEX for the first time, make sure that you move your funds to a hot wallet to interact with a decentralized exchange (DEX) using your own private keys.
See how to move ETH from Binance to Metamask
See how to move ETH from Coinbase to Metamask

If you have not used a hot wallet before, here are some hot wallet apps that come recommended from our team:

Metamask TrustWallet

We do not recommend using Coinbase wallet. If you are using this wallet, consider importing your private keys (using a mnemonic seed or key export) into one of the two hot wallets listed above.

Step 2: Connect to Uniswap

Uniswap import $ABI token
Use the Uniswap link to import the $ABI token, or copy and paste the contract ID at the top of this page.

Next, use a DEX to swap ETH for $ABI. We’re using Uniswap.

Click the Buy button on the site navigation, or go to Uniswap. If you have not already imported the contract address into your token list on this browser, you will be prompted to do so. Click the Import button. Then click the Connect to a wallet button in the top right corner.

On a desktop computer, this will prompt you to use the Metamask browser extension, or WalletConnect. Using the Metamask extension, you will be automatically prompted to authorize your wallet to connect to the exchange. Using WalletConnect allows for a wider array of hot wallet connections (including TrustWallet) – you will need to have your mobile phone ready to scan a QR code from your desktop screen to sync your wallet with the exchange.

If you’re using just a mobile phone you can also paste the Uniswap URL into your hot wallet’s Dapp browser (this is typically Android only, as iOS doesn’t support browser-embedding inside apps). This will automatically connect that wallet to the exchange. Then you can manually paste the contract ID into the token list (read through Step 3 to find out where).

Step 3: Swap ETH for $ABI

Once you’ve connected your wallet and imported the $ABI contract ID into Uniswap, you can now stage a swap, invest, and be a part of our community. If you haven’t imported the contract ID yet, keep reading.

Swap ETH for ABI on Uniswap

With your wallet connected, click the top dropdown that says Select a token and select ETH. The bottom dropdown should already say ABI but if it doesn’t, click the dropdown and paste the contract ID into the token search field. This will pull the token up and prompt you to import it – click Import (like Step 2). Enter the amount of ETH that you want to trade for $ABI. Uniswap will automatically calculate your $ABI token exchange amount based on the current market price.

Click SWAP.
Your connected wallet will prompt you for a transaction approval. Click Approve, and you’re in! 🎉🍍
Your transaction will approve within a few moments.

Slippage Note
If the daily volume is high and many transactions are going through, you may need to increase your slippage tolerance. Click the cog icon in the top right of the swap panel and set the slippage tolerance to 7% or more. Don’t worry about front-running – you are protected by our awesome anti-bot services.

Bug Notice
At the time of this writing, there is sometimes a bug with Uniswap, where it will throw errors at you while you stage your transaction, claiming that slippage is the issue. This is not true. Edit the bottom number input for the amount of $ABI coins you want to receive, and change the last 1-2 digits to just the number 1 (it will default to 0’s). This will allow your transaction to go through without changing the amount of ETH you use at all.

FTP Services

Fair Token Project services have been used to generate and launch this contract, which provides some supportive functionality to protect and reward investors.


Front-runners beware! FTP’s anti-bot feature automatically blacklists addresses that make rapid buy/sell sequences by throttling subsequent txn times to meet reasonable standards and preventing you from being front-run. Blacklisted addresses are added to a growing compendium used across all FTP-supported tokens.

Read More

ETH Rewards

FTP’s ETH rewards functionality allows developers to define a percentage of distributed return to holders. $ABI uses a 12% reward rate. Buying $ABI automatically accrues rewards associated with the public address used to make the txn.

Withdraw ETH Rewards

Note: Transferring tokens to a different wallet will untether the contract association that provides reward yields. Rewards can be re-enabled on the new wallet address after making a small $ABI buy from the new address; this will refresh the contract.

Contract Disclaimer

If you’re using a contract scanner tool, like SafeSolidity, points will always be deducted for custom contract functions that have not been approved. The functions that FTP uses in its contract are proprietary and have not been submitted for approval. These are only used to execute the functionalities outlined above and pose no threat to the stability of the contract.


Coming Soon…

We are currently undergoing changes to our original whitepaper. The new whitepaper will reflect the full utility and provide timelines for the product milestones. Currently the team is getting estimates for the development hours needed to expand the functionality of this project to a full wallet application that enables all the useful tools that we want to provide to traders.

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